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A Woman's Journey: Postpartum Healing

This collection of stories highlights the incredible resilience of mothers who’ve navigated heartache and deeply emotional landscapes in their postpartum journeys. Woven throughout these stories is the reality of our broken system, which beckons us into action. How are we supporting mothers in their times of greatest need? How can we redefine our health system to include the missing component of ‘care’? Told through first-hand accounts, each chapter offers the perspective of motherhood through its own unique lens – capturing the love, the losses, and every emotion in between. Putting words to feelings and experiences is a powerful action. Profound healing is possible when another mother reads them and feels a little less alone, a little more understood, and validated in her experience. What began as one brave mother putting her story into words soon became an entire collection. A Woman’s Journey is the emotionally-provocative culmination of that bravery, an anthology with the capacity to validate, connect, and heal in ways we’ve only begun to explore.


100% of proceeds directly benefit Empty Arms Bereavement Support.

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