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Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Care in Hampden, MA

Services We Provide


Promote Mental Health

A licensed professional will work with you to promote optimum, mental and emotional health.

Counseling Services

Craniosacral Therapy

Massage Your Scalp

Craniosacral Therapy or cranial osteopathy is a therapy that uses gentle touch to gently massage the cranium.

Chiropractic Services

Women's Psychiatry​

Women's Mental Health

Women's personalized mental health treatment for the the whole person: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Psychiatric Care

Massage Therapy

Relieve Stress

Manual manipulation of soft body tissues that relaxing the body, relieve stress, and reduce anxiety.

Book Massage

Reiki/Energy Healing

Clear and Heal Energy Pathways

Reiki is an energy healing practice that reduces stress and promotes relaxation and healing.

Reiki Therapy

What Our Clients Say

I would highly recommend The Restorative Wellness Center . Linda St. Laurent (Lmt, KMI Practioner) with Le Visage Integrative massage therapy in particular. I have been seeing her for many years. She has helped me so much especially throughout my pregnancies. She not only helps treat your pain she teaches guides and makes you aware of your body posture and daily habits and how they affect the quality of your life. She is very passionate about her work and clients and goes above and beyond . You not only leave her sessions feeling better physical but mentally and emotionally as well.